Middlesex Summer League 2021
Junior Teams 

Men's Doubles

Ladies Doubles

Hatch End Mid Week League
Club Tournament

Please ensure you contact your opposition to make arrangements for the first match to be played ASAP.

Please note, generally in the main draw  the first round needs to be played by 11th June, but for the men's singles the first round needs to be played by 28th May. This only affects 2 people, please advise if this causes any issues.

In the vets mixed competition the 2nd June needs to be amended to the 2nd July. Again the first round should be played by the 28th May, but this is a lot more flexible so please advise if there are any issues.

Where there are 16 pairs or singles we run a plate competition, this will be held on vets finals day and the players who get knocked out in the first round of the mixed main draw and the first and 2nd round of the men's singles and vets mixed doubles can enter. Please cross your name out on the sheet if you don't want to enter. This was a really successful completion last year so I hope everyone eligible will enter.

Please note the club tournament regulations, which are on the notice board, if everyone is flexible with dates and gets the rounds played on time there will be no issues.


The Rules for the Club Competitions are found here.

The ITF Rules of Tennis are found here