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Whether you're a total beginner or play tennis on a regular basis Hatch End LTC is a great club to become involved with. There is a wide range of competitive and social tennis, social events and Coaching for all ages and abilities. All our members are very welcoming and have created the perfect environment in which to get fit, meet new people and enjoy tennis.

How can I become a Member?

Firstly decide on the type of membership you want, and then print off, complete and send in your membership form.  

Here are our membership benefits, options and fees:




  • Use of courts at all times subject to court usage rules (ie club matches can take priority)

  • Sunday afternoon social from 2.00pm onwards

  • Saturday afternoon organised general play (2pm onwards) - members of all standards turn up to mix in and play

  • Take part in Club tournaments and represent Hatch End in interclub matches

  • Tuesday morning general play (9.30am -11.30am) – currently not running

  • Tuesday evening social - currently open to all approved by Sami



  • Use of courts at all times subject to court usage rules (i.e. club matches can take priority)

  • Saturday afternoon organised general play (2pm onwards) - members of all standards turn up to mix in and play – once approved by Sami

  • Tuesday morning general play (9.30am -11.30am) – currently not running

  • Sunday morning Intermediates Social tennis (10.00am – 12.00)

  • Tuesday evening social once approved by Sami

  • Enter Intermediate tournaments



  • Open to members new to tennis

  • Individual and group coaching at member (not visitor) rates

  • Use of courts at all times subject to court usage rules (ie club matches can take priority)

  • Membership available for one year only before progression to Intermediate Membership



  • As any of the above dependent on standard



  • Designated junior court – Junior members have priority on court 5 on weekends and up to 6.00pm on weekdays 

  • Free supervised junior evening 5-7pm on Friday’s during the summer (currently running all year)

  • Take part in junior tournaments and represent the club in interclub matches



  • Social membership for a parent whose child attends coaching (parent can practice with children and can attend club social events but not play tennis other than with their child) at weekends and up to 6.00pm on weekdays.  Has priority on Junior Court. 



  • For members who want to use the lounge / bar / pool / darts on a regular basis.  Cannot use the tennis courts.

Membership categories and  subscription Fees 2022/23

1 Full Member                                                                                                                                                            £370

2 Intermediate Member                                                                                                                                           £295

3 Beginner Member                                                                                                                                                  £190

4Full/Intermediate/Beginner Member under 30*                                                                                              £190

5Student in fulltime education up to age of 25*                                                                                                   £75 

6 Junior Member & Full Under 18  (10+ on 1/04/21 or year 13 at school/college)                                         £65

7 Mini  Member (under 10)                                                                                                                                        £45

8 Country Member (living outside HA, WD17, WD18, WD19, WD23, WD24 postcodes)**                             £99


9 Parent Member (able to play with their child member who is in group coaching only)                            £50

10 Social Member (recommended for spouses/friends who regularly use the lounge)                              £40


*             Age as on 01/04/2022

**           Country membership is only available to a member whose residential address in the UK is outside the areas listed above even though their main residence may be overseas

Family discount of 15% is available wherever there is more than one member living at the same address. However the discount is only applied to adult Full and Intermediate memberships. Discount is not applied to Over 70, Social, Country or Parent memberships.  The parental discount cannot be greater than the junior membership fee. 

Members aged 70-80 who have been a member of the club for more than 5 consecutive years receive an age reduction of 15%.  Where that member is part of a family combination, the other member(s) receive the family discount but this will not apply to the member(s) receiving the age reduction.  Full members over 80 will pay the same subscription as a Social member.

Any special introductory offer which may be granted to new members will not be extended to existing members who pay their subscription during the 2022/2023 year.  Full members cannot change membership to Intermediate.



Visitors Fees

Weekdays (excluding public holidays)                            £3 per day

Weekends and public holidays                                        £5 per day

Juniors                                                                                  £2 per day


Visitors may only attend on 3 occasions per year.  The member introducing them is responsible for signing the Visitors Book before commencing play and paying the fee into the Visitors box.


Match Fees

Per fixture    (Captains to decide if they want to collect only home/away or both)                                        £2.5

If you have any questions please contact Janette Hardwidge, our membership secretary. You can e-mail on or 07714216080.

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