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Reopening of the Club

In line with LTA guidance, the club will reopen this Thursday (14th May) for singles and up to 4 players from the same household.  Please make sure you adhere to the following guidance to stay safe:

General points

1. Play is only allowed between members of the same household or 2 individual club members from different households
2. The maximum number of people on any one court is 4 for people from the same household or 2 if they are from different households (ie hitting or playing singles)
3.   Play may begin from 0800 daily and can continue until 21.30. The clubhouse will be open for the access to floodlights.
4. Since the club does not operate a booking system, members are asked to yield the court to waiting players after one set or 45 minutes, whichever is sooner
5. Waiting players should observe social distancing at all times
6. Court 5 remains the Junior Court. If all other courts are busy and there are juniors (or parents with juniors waiting) the court is to be yielded.
7. Parents that have joined as social members to play with junior members in their household can use Court 5 if it is available
8. All players must follow the Government guidance on periods of isolation if they, or members of their household, have symptoms of COVID-19. They should not come to the club or attempt to play during this period
9. There should be no spectators or other family members in attendance
10. The clubhouse (excluding the lounge and kitchen) will be open for the purposes of using the toilets and floodlights.
11. Members should bring their own hand sanitiser which should be used regularly during and after play.
12. It is highly recommended that all members wash their hands immediately before and after playing a set.

Members play and coaching

1. One-to-one coaching sessions will begin, initially on a limited basis, from this Saturday (16th May) and should be booked directly through Sami or Henry.  Coaching etiquette will be fully explained by your coach

2. Group coaching is not available

3. A household should not occupy more than 1 court at any time.  Families are encouraged to play together where possible

On court

1. Score boards will not be in operation

2. Players should use their own tennis balls. These should be removed from the court at the end of the session

3. Players should not leave anything on the court at the end of the session, all water bottles and jackets should be removed. Players MUST check the court is clear before they leave

4. Players should not touch balls from another court with their hands. They should be kicked or hit back

5. Players should stay on their side of the court and avoid changing ends, or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the netPlease respect social distancing during play when close to the net.

Other news:

The refurbishment of Courts 3 and 4 continues but should be completed by end of Thursday when the fencing will be replaced. Until then, only courts 5-7 will be available.  Next week some maintenance work will take place on the other courts but this will be low-maintenance and we will update you on the schedule.

Hatch End Lawn Tennis Club

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